Central Christian High School

High school is a vital training ground for a mature life—from continued education to the impact one makes in a community. As a fully accredited college prep high school, Central Christian is equipping generations of young people for lives of servant leadership and success, grounded in strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Excellent Academics

Central Christian High School offers a rigorous program of instruction designed to prepare students for college and future career pursuits. The academic program includes honors and Dual Credit college courses in World Literature, Advanced Lit/Comp, U.S. History, Statistics, and Human Biology/Lab. Students are taught to think critically and to develop analytical skills for the present and their future.

Mentoring Relationships

A key component of academic success for students is the relationship they have with their teacher. Central Christian High School teachers are professionally and spiritually prepared to meet the academic and spiritual needs of each student. Faculty members are placed in areas of responsibility and ministry where their expertise, gifts, and passion can be maximized. Curriculum, instruction, athletics, fine arts, extra-curricular events, and activities are carefully planned to create an environment where students grow in their personal faith

 I am thankful for all the teachers and coaches at CCS. They take time investing and ministering to each and every student here.” Kathryne, 10th grade

Spiritual Formation and Servant Leadership

Bible instruction is foundational at Central Christian High School, with many opportunities for missions outreach to others, in our community and around the world. High school students attend a weekly chapel with worship and speakers from inside and outside our community.

Central Christian’s ultimate goal is to graduate students who are prepared academically and spiritually to function effectually as Christ followers in their community by passionately pursuing the mind of Christ, fostering relationships, and manifesting servant leadership.

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