Transfer Students – Introducing Isaac, 2013 graduate of CCS

Introducing Isaac, 2013 graduate of CCS!

I was a reluctantly willing transfer student to Central Christian School my freshman year of high school. As can be expected, I was hesitant and anxious about my new life at Central Christian. Lacking motivation for academics, I had limited interests beyond sports.

The fall retreat was a great way to meet kids and relax a little about all that would lie ahead. Teachers gave me grace and a period of time to become more organized as a student while adjusting to a more rigorous academic environment. A standard was encouraged, but also, all the extra help available if I should choose to take advantage of it. The choice to succeed was up to me. As time went on, I began to see the prize – achieving higher academic goals as I realized doing your best was a part of this place and something embrace.

The spiritual atmosphere at Central Christian School is amazing!

We don’t merely learn about God, we engage in apologetics and discuss the deeper questions of walking out this Christian life. We worship and pray together, often student initiated and student lead. Pursuing a devoted relationship with Christ is encouraged and lived out in our lives together. At first I did not appreciate this, but as time went on I took what I learned and grew closer to God.

Sports at Central Christian School have been a great way to make friend!

Arriving with a history in soccer, I now began to enjoy a new interest in basketball. And though I had not taken advantage of music and drama in my previous school, Central Christian offered both with excellence. Moreover, CCS programs included the opportunity of fun, achievement, and being a part of something meaningful. It drew me in.  I became a part of Central Christian’s Hands for God drama/puppet ministry team, worship team class, and participated in four major drama productions. Where previously I was not encouraged to try new things like drama or music, the atmosphere at Central Christian was encouraging and made me feel welcome to branch out.

Needless to say, I am proud to have graduated from Central Christian School with the highest GPA of my school career earned my senior year, no slacker year at our school. Taking advantage of many things that CCS has to offer, is a privilege that has prepared me for life ahead.

I began as a reluctant, unmotivated student. I graduated a devoted disciple, an academic success, a well-rounded person, and a proud member of the Central Christian School family.

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