Travel Club

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

~St. Augustine

Central Christian School’s Travel Club enhances the learning of Central Christian students by engaging first-hand in the experience of different cultures through traveling to regions studied in the Travel Club elective. Central Christian faculty develops an enriched curriculum of the region’s history, religion, art, food, and government which provides students with educational and possible university credits. These life transforming trips provide opportunities to expose students to other cultures preparing them to be fully equipped to function effectually as Christ followers as they impact the world for Christ.


Central Christian School’s Travel Club began with its first trip to Ireland in March 2002. Four students and chaperones experienced an unforgettable excursion covering the western island of Ireland. Since 2002, the Travel Club has toured many countries including Costa Rica, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, London, Paris, and Switzerland.