On Campus Learning for Fall 2020

On June 10th, the Oregon Health Authority with the Oregon Department of Education released a document outlining the reopening of school campuses this fall. The document is scheduled to be updated every twenty days throughout the summer. We received the second update just last week. The document includes an eight-section blueprint for reopening schools. Private schools are to design a plan using the first three sections which outline on-campus health and safety protocols.

Two frequently asked questions are, “Will students be back on campus in the fall?” “Will ALL students get to go to school ALL day each day?” The answer to both questions is, “YES!”

Central Christian has teams working on the development of the reopening plan. The primary focus is to change the school’s internal systems/practices to meet the health and safety requirements, so that when students come to school it feels like “normal” school to them. Here are a few examples:

  1. When elementary students come to school in the morning, upon entering the building, they will go into their classrooms instead of waiting in the hallway.
  2. Two of the drinking fountains in the academic building will be converted to water bottle filling stations, and students will keep their bottles in their own classroom and/or locker.
  3. The drinking fountain across from the CC (cafeteria) will be converted to a hand washing station.
  4. Small class sizes. Class sizes will be limited based on classroom square footage.

In the midst of our reopening plans, we have so much we are looking forward to in the fall. Here are a few examples:

  1. Tiger Territory has expanded! We are so excited to see our school community enjoying our new gymnasium.
  2. School lunches will be offered daily.
  3. A block schedule will be implemented on campus for grades 7-12. One of the positive discoveries to come out of last quarter is that both students and parents really liked the daily class schedule which had fewer classes, each with a longer duration.
  4. For families who desire a fully online Christian school education, Central Christian is solidifying its new online K-12 program. This format will also offer expanded course options and credit recovery for on-campus high school students. More information to come by the end of July.