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Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program at Central Christian School is designed to nurture a love of learning. Young children grow and learn in an atmosphere established by our affirming teachers, a high quality curriculum, and an integration of Christian values.



The elementary program at Central Christian starts in kindergarten. It is here that we begin to lay the foundation, brick by brick for all that lies ahead. We believe that young children learn through active, purposeful interactions with a wide variety of learning materials and activities which develop the growth of the whole child. By combining hands-on learning with direct instruction we are able to tap the God-given potential in all of our young students.

Jr High

Junior High

As students are experiencing rapid growth physically and socially, they are also being stretched to grow academically and spiritually. Students are challenged to apply their knowledge, to ask questions about their discoveries, and to look at every discipline and content area through the lens of Scripture. As students are encouraged to think deeply about a variety of issues in a safe and loving environment, a solid Biblical Worldview begins to emerge.

High School

High school is a vital training ground for a mature life—from continued education to the impact one makes in a community. As a fully accredited college prep high school, Central Christian is equipping generations of young people for lives of servant leadership and success, grounded in strong relationship with Jesus Christ.