Soaring to New Levels in Second Grade

Soaring to New Levels in Second Grade

Central Christian School second graders are soaring to new levels with enhancements to their learning experience. With updates to second grade reading curriculum, students are developing awareness of story elements. While reading new engaging stories, students learn to identify the main character, setting, moral of the story, and author’s intent while also discussing story problem and solution.


Additionally, students are creating interactive science journals which encourage reflection, learning, and positive attitudes toward science. Journaling what a student sees during an experiment or thinks during a science lesson increases critical thinking and retention. Students enjoy coloring, cutting, and pasting into their science journals, which then become a compilation of all the science units taught in second grade.  


Finally, A new learning tool that has been implemented into the second grade class this year is called LEGO Education LearnToLearn. It focuses on learning by doing. Second graders are incorporating LearnToLearn across the areas of design and engineering, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. However, instead of memorizing the abstract principles and formulas related to these subjects, second graders use LEGO bricks to construct knowledge in the subject areas as well as build skills of the 21st century. With the integration of this solution into our curriculum, it is my hope that our second graders will not only learn subjects more effectively but will also improve their collaboration, communication, creativity, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. When finished, students proudly display their creations in our LEGO museum. What an exciting approach to learning our second graders are experiencing.