Pick Up School Supplies/Check Out Chromebooks

Pick Up School Supplies/Check Out Chromebooks

Dear CCS Families,

Oh how we miss you all! This time that we are living in is so unlike anything we have ever experienced yet has been a great reminder that we are meant to live in community! Being at home is hard, but not impossible, and technology is amazing for keeping in touch with one another. I am thankful that we have the Lord as our comfort and peace, and that none of this is a surprise to Him.

I am sure that you all have received information from our administration regarding how we are moving forward with online learning for our K-12 students (Preschool and Prekindergarten will be hearing from their teachers). Please make sure that you read those emails and are aware of all the details. Let me know if you need clarification on anything. It was mentioned that we will be having two carefully planned pick up and drop off days coming up. Both days will be necessary for you to attend (if possible) as that will be where completed work can be turned in and new work can be picked up.

Since we know that you are all missing coming through our car line, we have designed these days to flow like our normal pick up and drop off. You will enter the property from behind the school off Umatilla Ave. and proceed into the parking lot like you would to pick up your students. There will be staff manning tables that will be labeled by grade. Please slowly drive through and stay in your car. Let staff know what grades you have so that they can hand you (with gloved hands) any work packets for your students and also receive any work that you have to turn in. If you are checking out a Chromebook, you will continue through the line until you are at the front doors of the school. Computers will be there ready to be checked out and a waiver will need to be signed. If you are not checking out a computer, just proceed through the line and out the exit.

What if my student needs to get things from their locker?

  • If your student needs to access their locker, please park in the parking lot and send your student to the stairs at the student entrance to the building. A staff member will be at the top of the stairs directing students in to the building one at a time. The staff member will open the door, so the only thing the student will need to touch is their own locker. Students will then exit down the interior stairs and out the front doors (also manned by staff).

What days will this all be happening?

  • The first Pick Up/Drop Off day is this Thursday, April 2 between 3-4:30 PM. You can come anytime during that window of time. If you cannot be here during that time, please reply back to me, and we will set up a separate time for you,
  • The second Pick Up/ Drop off day is Thursday, April 16 between 3-4:30 PM
  • Most families will need to come to both of these days- the only exception would be if your student is in classes where everything can be received and submitted electronically.
  • Preschool and Prekindergarten families: Please check with your child’s teacher to see if you will have a packet to pick up on either of these days

Every effort is being made to make these days as safe for everyone as possible. Teachers are preparing work well ahead of time so that all papers will be safe for you to receive. Gloves will be worn by staff who are handing out work. Thank you for helping us in this effort by staying in your cars and washing hands before you come.

In order to help our 7th-12th graders stay on track, our registrar has created a schedule that might help your students. Please find that attached. We will have some copies printed for Thursday if you need a hard copy.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to smiling and waving at you all on Thursday!

In Jesus,

Holly Mahnke

CCS Admissions/ Office Manager