CCS Online Learning K-6 Grades

CCS Online Learning K-6 Grades

Dear beloved CCS families of K-6 students ~

I pray you are all doing well, enjoying the change in your daily routines, and choosing peace and contentment amidst the many unknowns we are all navigating. What an encouragement Psalms 23:4 (TPT) has been to me today. “Lord, even when your path takes me through the valley of deepest darkness, fear will never conquer me, for you already have! You remain close to me and lead me through it all the way. Your authority is my strength and my peace. The comfort of your love takes away my fear. I’ll never be lonely, for you are near.”

Although our classroom doors are closed, our incredible faculty has been and will continue to work on providing quality Christian education through CCS online learning. Having to pivot quickly from a physical classroom to an online platform has kept our teachers on their toes as they are working diligently and shining through the process.

Over the last few days, Elisa and I have been working with our faculty to continue the best possible online learning as we move forward into Quarter 4 and at this point through April 28. Our elementary teachers will be using a hybrid method of instruction that will include both paper/pencil and Google Classroom [which will serve as the virtual agenda for our K-6 students] as well as Zoom meetings and the continued use of RenWeb. If you have students in grades 7-12 you will be receiving a separate email that will address what CCS online learning looks for our older students as there are a few differences for those grade levels.

We understand that parents, grandparents, guardians and caretakers will play a critical and more hands-on role in this educational shift. I have listed below a few tips and a few answers to potential questions to make these next weeks of students learning at home a positive and successful experience.

 1. Will instruction continue to look the same as it did for my student(s) the week prior to spring break?

  • K-6 will be adding the addition of Google Classroom and Zoom meetings and continue with some workbook pages and reading books.

2. Will I be able to pick up additional materials needed for my student(s) and drop off completed work?

  • Yes – K-12 students will be able to come to school from 3:00-4:30 on April 2 and April 16.

  • K-6 will drive through the carpool line as usual (I know you have all missed this 🙂 and materials and readers will be available for you. If your student(s) do not have access to a computer they will be able to check out one of our Chromebooks. If they have work to be turned in, it can be done at that time as well.

3. How long will CCS Online learning take place?

  • At this time, in compliance with Governor Brown’s executive orders, we will resume school in our building on April 29. (Even as I am crafting this email, the President announced that social distancing will be taking place through April 30 and so we will stay in communication with you regarding any updates on the dates of the return to our school building.)

  • Our plan is to roll out CCS Online learning during the week of March 30 through April 3 which is the end of Q-3. As we transition our elementary students to Google Classroom we want to allow time for our parents and students to become familiar with what online learning will look like. It is our plan to begin CCS Online learning on Monday, April 6 for our K-6 students.

4. How will I access Google Classroom for my elementary student(s) to find out the assignments?

  • You will be receiving an email from Holly Mahnke with a description of how to log into Google classroom with your elementary student’(s) newly assigned CCS email.

  • Each K-5 student (students in grade 6 already have CCS emails) have been issued a CCS email that will allow them to access Google Classroom. Accessing Google Classroom is the only time they will use their CCS email.

5. How do I stay connected with my student’s teachers?

  • Your student'(s) teacher will have “office hours” where they will be available for conversations and questions from parents and students.

  • We will also be setting up “Zoom at Noon” meetings for our K-6 teachers to allow an opportunity for your students to connect with their teachers. This will be an optional activity for students and teachers to connect.

6. Will my student’s teacher be instructing them live?

  • there may be times where live instruction is offered. There may also be pre-recorded instruction times that you will be able to access at your convenience. These times will be communicated through Google Classroom.

7. Setting up routines for your student.

  • It will be very important for parents of elementary students to establish clear routines for your student(s) as this will help them be in the mindset to do school even though they are at home. I suggest that you get your child up in the morning, have them eat breakfast, get dressed, and then together check their Google Classroom for the assignments for that day. It is a good idea to have a designated place for your students to complete their school work so that even though they are at home, they have a place to consistently do their school work.

We know that there are a lot of questions that we don’t have the answers to, but we have a clear direction in which we are heading with strong strategies in place in coming alongside our faculty, students, and parents in this new educational adventure, and we will be in communication with you as we navigate through this together. It is our heart to partner with you throughout this entire experience and we believe that God has gone before us and will continue to orchestrate our steps in light of COVID-19.

Be blessed beyond measure as you stand in the peace and grace of our good, good Father! Melissa

Melissa E. Phillips – Principal

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