Guidance Counselor

Greetings from the Office of College Guidance!

At Central Christian, we understand that applying to college is a critical point of personal transition, not to mention an often confusing and overwhelming process. As a result, we endeavor to walk students through that process beginning in the 9th grade and culminating with your child attending the college of his or her choice.

As we partner with students and families we will help demystify the college admission process and teach students how to successfully maneuver each step of the way. Through the use of the most current technical tools, personal guidance and Successful College Prep class, we help students to explore their gifts, talents, interests and opportunities so that they may become informed and responsible decision makers. At the same time, we understand college admission to be a family experience, and we work to partner with parents to prepare students to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood – the goal that college matriculation represents in our society today.

We are not just helping students plan for college, but for what God is calling them to. God has a plan for each and every student and our goal is to help them realize their God-given potential.

For more information about college guidance at Central Christian, please review our website pages: Dual College Credit, Guidance Calendar, and College Acceptances.

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