Dual College Credit

At Central Christian School, we believe in comprehensive education that provides our students with the appropriate level of academic rigor customized to meet their goals. The Dual College Credit Program allows students seeking an academic challenge to earn college credits while working toward high school graduation.

Central Christian School currently partners with Northwest Nazarene University and Colorado Christian University to offer college semester credits.

Dual credit courses are taught by Central Christian School faculty members who teach the college-level courses at the Central Christian campus. Each dual credit faculty member has met the qualifications for each university to be an adjunct professor.

Dual courses are recorded on both the Central Christian transcript and the university transcript with the letter grade earned. To learn more about the Dual College Credit Program, please contact our Post-High School Planning Counselor, Kelley Reynolds, at 541.548.7803.

I enrolled in three NNU dual college credit classes (Calculus, US History, and Human Biology) during my senior year at CCS. One of the huge benefits of taking these college classes in high school is the dramatically reduced cost of each creditalli-e-class-of-2012. After graduating from CCS, I began my studies as a nursing student at Biola University. The requirements for my degree include an upper level math class, one history class, and an anatomy class. Being a nursing major in a rigorous program, I was warned that my NNU Human Biology class may only count as an elective and not as the anatomy requirement. However, our NNU adjunct professor/CCS teacher emailed a detailed syllabus of the NNU Human Biology class, which was immediately accepted by the Biola’s science department head as well as the registrar. I was able to transfer all of my NNU college credits and fulfill three degree requirements, eliminating the need to repeat any of those classes at Biola! With my transferred NNU credits, I had 26 credits after attending Biola for only one semester. I am so very thankful for the opportunity that I had at CCS to get a jump start on my college education!

- Alli E., Central Christian Class of 2012; BSN/RN 2017