Welcome to CCS EDge Online School!

CCS EDge is an online school that is:

  • Academically rigorous,
  • Biblically integrated,
  • Connected to the Central Christian Community which means the opportunity to participate in athletics if desired.

CCS EDge offers several options to fit the needs of your student and family: 

  • Your student can attend Kindergarten – 12th grade online in a program that is academically rigorous and Biblically integrated.  We find this is a good fit for:
    • Families who travel.
    • Students who are heavily involved in outside activities that make attending a traditional online school a challenge.
    • Families who are looking for option to have an accelerated online program that includes Biblical integration.
    • Students who learn independently and are excited for the challenge of an academically rigorous program.
  • Your 6th-12th grade student can also enroll in specific classes to supplement their education.  We find this is a good fit for homeschool students who are looking for advanced or AP classes to add to enhance their learning.
  • Whether CCS EDge is used as a complete online program or to add specific classes to your child’s curriculum, the teachers at CCS EDge are here to help your student achieve academic excellence while growing in their relationships with other students, our staff, and Christ.

At CCS EDge we are committed to guiding our students through an excellent education and to seeing spiritual formation take place in their lives. As a CCS EDge student, your child will have access to the CCS campus for resources and to proctor tests. Additionally, they can be involved in athletics if they desire.

Is CCS EDge a good fit for your child?

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 CCS EDge Course List



Why would someone take an online course?
  • There are several reasons to choose online courses:
  • Ability to work at an advanced pace
  • Credit recovery
  • Taking a course not offered at my school
  • Flexibility to pursue other hobbies and interests
  • Ability to work remotely while traveling, such as the mission field
  • The learning method fits the individual’s needs better
  • Physical limitations
What are the advantages of an online course?
  • Flexibility to work at your own pace
  • Better interaction model for some students
  • Preparation for current realities of college and advanced education
  • Gaining skills in word processing and digital platforms
  • Often students get one-on-one attention from teachers
  • All notes and class materials are always available to review
Will I have a teacher?

All classes have a teacher who will be in touch with a welcome email or phone call at the beginning of the course. Teachers will also check in with students and families throughout the course to encourage them and assess their progress.

Who are the teachers?

CCS EDge uses a variety teachers and professional educators who are committed Christ followers.

How can I contact my teacher?

You will have phone, email, and video call contact information for each teacher in the courses you are taking.

Are teachers certified?

CCS EDge teachers are certified.

Is CCS EDge accredited?

Yes. CCS EDge shares accreditation with CCS through ACSI and Cognia.

When do classes begin?

Students have the flexibility to start whenever they would like.

Is there a set schedule?

There is no set schedule. Students work at their own pace. Their teacher will offer suggested pacing, help them stay on track, and encourage them to make progress if they are falling too far behind schedule.

How long do I have to complete a course?

The maximum time a student can spend on a course is 12 months for 1 credit and 6 months for .5 credit. Our 6-12 courses are designed on a 2 semester schedule and would ideally be completed within that time frame. K-5 courses are built around a quarter model. To maintain academic progress students should strive to complete courses in these time frames. Courses can be completed in as little as 12 weeks.

What courses should I take?

Students and families will be able to work with CCS faculty and staff to design a course of study which meets academic requirements and moves them toward graduation. Prerequisites for courses are set by CCS.

Are credits transferable?

Yes. All credits earned online are entered on a CCS transcript and can be transferred.

Can I graduate from online?

Yes. Students can complete their entire high school requirements online and earn a CCS diploma

What about NCAA eligibility?

All credits earned online count for NCAA eligibility. Online classes will be noted as such on the student’s transcript for easy tracing for NCAA eligibility.

Is standardized testing required?

CCS may require placement testing for new or transfer students to help ensure proper course placement.

What are the courses like?

CCS EDge courses are academically rigorous and require a time commitment of 4-6 hours per course per week at the high school level. If you would like to preview a course to see how it works contact our office to set up a consultation.

How much parent involvement is required?

This will depend on the age of your student and their own learning style. Older students and self-learners will need very minimal parent involvement. For those considering online learning for younger students, especially those who are not yet able to read, parent involvement will be significantly higher. Students may need help entering passwords, navigating pages, or reading instructions.

How do I get started?

Contact our admissions office at (541) 548-7803 or schedule an Educational Consultation