Central Christian Kindergarten

The elementary program at Central Christian starts in kindergarten. It is here that we begin to lay the foundation, brick by brick for all that lies ahead. We believe that young children learn through active, purposeful interactions with a wide variety of learning materials and activities which develop the growth of the whole child. By combining hands-on learning with direct instruction we are able to tap the God-given potential in all of our young students.

Kindergarten students are building an essential foundation in the areas of spiritual/social/emotional development, language and communication, motor control, citizenship in a community, creative expression, and of course academic skills and knowledge. Emphasis at Central Christian is given to core content areas including Bible, a phonetics-based reading program, mathematics, science, social studies, and handwriting.

Our kindergarten teacher has several years of experience teaching kindergarten with hundreds of student success stories. This factor can make a significant difference in the future success of your child. See, The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers.

Christian education makes a difference.

Kindergarteners may attend half day from 8:00-11:00am or full day from 8:00am-3:10pm Monday-Friday. Please schedule an Educational Success Consultation to talk with one of our experienced administrators about the hopes and goals you have for your in-coming kindergartener.