Central Christian Junior High

Junior High is an exciting time of life!

As students are experiencing rapid growth physically and socially, they are also being stretched to grow academically and spiritually. Students are challenged to apply their knowledge, to ask questions about their discoveries, and to look at every discipline and content area through the lens of Scripture. As students are encouraged to think deeply about a variety of issues in a safe and loving environment, a solid Biblical Worldview begins to emerge.

Building Dynamic Relationships

School begins each year with the annual Fall Retreat held at the Washington Family Ranch, a Young Life camp in Antelope, Oregon. Junior High students spend three days building relationships with one another as they attend a series of camp meetings and enjoy the exceptional outdoor and indoor facilities and exciting activities on the ranch. A guest speaker shares and develops the spiritual theme, which is a focus throughout the school year.

I am thankful for how we are all like a family. Olen, grade 7

Excellent Academics

Academics in the Junior High emphasize the building of skills and study habits as well as knowledge of core subject areas. Preparing for the rigors of high school is stressed throughout the Junior High program and emphasis is place on the importance of daily independent effort in accomplishing successful learning.

Classes in Junior High transition from an elementary self-contained model to departmentalized with several teachers, allowing for specialization in the content areas. Core subjects include Bible, History, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. Additional classes include physical education, health, Spanish, and electives with options in the fine and performing arts, literature, technology, and physical education.

Spiritual Formation

Students give focused attention to strengthening Bible study skills through instruction in inductive study techniques. In addition, students are in Service and Leadership Training (S.A.L.T.) groups. S.A.L.T. groups are small same gender and grade groups that allow junior high students to be mentored by Godly teachers who have a heart for Junior High students as well as a contagious love for the Lord. Our teachers desire to see Junior High students move from externally driven goals and behavior to a life that is internally motivated by Biblical principles that honor God.

Servant Leadership

CCS SERVE groups study God’s Word together and put their faith into action. Each group purposes to identify and serve in an area of true need within the community on a regular basis. This service can lead to transformed lives where young people grow in relationships, compassion, community advocacy, lifelong servanthood, leadership, and even exploration of a vocation.

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