Central Christian Elementary School

Grades 1-3

The primary grades continue a strong emphasis in language arts including phonetic instruction in reading with attention given to both comprehension and fluency, spelling, handwriting, speech, and writing skills.

Daily instruction in mathematics using the Singapore Math approach includes the use of manipulatives and model drawings to develop knowledge of basic number facts and mathematical problem solving and procedures. Additional classes include science, social studies/history, physical education, music, and Meet the Masters Art Program.

Students enjoy investigating God’s world through a variety of science activities in first grade including field trips to the Pumpkin Patch and High Desert Museum and studying the lifecycle of frogs starting with live tadpoles in the classroom. Second grade students delve into the Arctic biome through their study of penguins, visit the Redmond Caves, and learn to work in teams through an in-class simulation called Endurance. Third grade students look forward to snow shoeing in the outback of Mt. Bachelor, a field trip to a television station, and swim lessons at Cascade Swim Center.

All content areas are taught from a Christian worldview and give opportunities for students to understand what the Word of God has to say about history, science, literature, math, etc. Bible is a core subject at all grade levels and includes regular Scripture memory work. In addition, students participate in corporate worship through a weekly Chapel service.

Grades 4-6

Language arts continues as a key element of the day, as skillful teachers develop activities that assist students in reading for information and thinking critically while still improving fluency, speed, and comprehension. Writing skills are strengthened through a variety of activities including creative book reports, essays, research papers, and creative writing. In addition, instruction in grammar enhances both speaking and writing skills.

Students continue to strengthen math skills and number sense through the regular instruction of mathematics using the Singapore Method. Additional classes include science, social studies, physical education, music, and Meet the Masters Art Program.

Bible and Scripture memory remain a core subject area with the goal of seeing students grow in their knowledge of the Word of God as well as their love for the Lord and obedience to His commands. In addition, students participate in corporate worship through a weekly Chapel service.

Technology plays an increasing role at all grade levels. Teachers are able to integrate a variety of internet resources and technology into their daily instruction. Students and teachers also make use of our high-speed, networked computer lab that includes firewall safety features. Instruction is provided in responsible use of the internet for researching information.

Fourth grade students look forward to kicking off their study of Oregon with a field trip to Salem. They also look forward to a field trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which includes an over-night stay in the shark tunnel. Fifth graders learn tremendously from their immigration in-class simulation, understanding some of the trials, tribulations, and hopes of American immigrants. Also, fifth grade outdoor camp is an amazing way for students to begin to grasp God’s creative character. The science and social studies field trip the 6th graders take in the spring to the Oregon Coast, provides wonderful hands-on opportunities as well as solidifying relationships as the students prepare for junior high.

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