Central Christian Early Childhood Education Program

A Great Place to Start!

The Early Childhood Education program at Central Christian School is designed to nurture a love of learning. Young children grow and learn in an atmosphere established by our affirming teachers, a high quality curriculum, and an integration of Christian values.

Responsive to the interests and development of the whole child: intellectually, spiritually, socially, and emotionally, Central Christian provides a christian Early Childhood Education program that is both interactive and age-appropriate. This design promotes a balanced approach to learning.

Every child receives content-area teaching in math, science, social studies, reading readiness, and Bible. Also, as our young children interact with their classmates and are taught Godly principles through example and word, they are learning to be kind, considerate, helpful, and cooperative.

The Early Childhood Education program offers flexible attendance choices to maximize student learning and family schedules. We also have Extended Care available. Please schedule an Educational Success Consultation to talk with one of our experienced administrators about the goals you have for your preschooler’s first schooling experiences.