Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the typical class size?

  2. Our classes are small enabling individualized instruction and interactive discussion for all students. We have a 1:10 faculty to student ratio. Class sizes typically are not larger than 25 students.
  1. What are the days and hours that Preschool is offered?

  2. Central Christian Preschool is for preschool students ages 3-5 and is a SPARKS Five Star rated preschool in the state of Oregon. We offer a “menu style” approach allowing parents to choose anywhere from 3 half days up to 5 full days. Our half day options are M-F from 8:00-11:00 AM and our full day options are M-F from 8:00-3:00. After school care until 6:00 PM is also offered for a small additional charge.
  1. What Student Support Services or Enrichment opportunities are offered?

  2. Central Christian desires to help all students be successful. We are committed to offering support to our students through Multi Sensory Language Arts (MSLA), Speech and Language therapies, Executive Function/Organization techniques and Mentorship with Central Christian faculty. For the student who needs additional challenge in the classroom, our teachers provide enrichment and skill building opportunities that enhance learning and encourage critical thinking.
  1. What sets Central Christian apart from other schools?

  2. Central Christian partners with parents in academic excellence and character development of their students. Central Christian teachers are professionally and spiritually prepared to meet the academic and spiritual needs of each student. Faculty members are placed in areas of responsibility and ministry where their expertise, gifts, and passions can be maximized. Curriculum, instruction, athletics, fine arts, extra-curricular events, and activities are carefully planned to create an environment where students grow in their personal faith and develop a strong identity of their worth and value to the body of Christ.
  1. How do you prepare High School students for college and beyond?

  2. Central Christian High School offers a rigorous program of instruction designed to prepare students for college and future career pursuits. The academic program includes Honors and Dual Credit college courses in Bible, English, history, math, psychology, and science. Students are taught to think critically and to develop analytical skills for the present and their future. Guidance counseling at Central Christian seeks to support and​ to help students determine their post-secondary plans and understand the college search, application​, and selection​ process. While we realize that not every student will attend college, it is our goal that our graduates have excellent college opportunities from which to choose, and that we have provided them with the resources and guidance to pursue these opportunities.In many ways, preparation for life beyond high school begins the moment a student walks through the doors of Central Christian. Throughout their education, students are given opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, morally, and socially. They are encouraged to think deeply and to develop the habits of a lifelong learner. In order to be well-prepared for their future, students should seek challenges, work hard in their studies, develop their character, and pursue a growing relationship with Christ. Central Christian High School graduates are Christ followers who pursue the mind of Christ, honor God’s creation, walk in excellence and grace, and lead as servants.