Transfer Students

You may have children of different ages and be considering transferring them to Central Christian School part way through their school career. Such a decision may come with many questions and concerns.

Will my child be able to catch up to possibly more rigorous academic standards? Will my child make friends and be assimilated easily into the Central Christian routine and student life? Will my child receive the support needed to succeed in this new environment?

Generally, yes.

Every transition can be somewhat challenging and much depends on the effort of the student, but we purpose to help students become a part of the Central Christian family and succeed in all areas of student life.

Here is the success story of one of our transfer students.

The Decision –
Come for an Educational Success Consultation and share the educational goals you have for your children with one of our administrators.

Potential students are also invited to schedule a day in which they shadow a current student in the same grade in order to get a feel for what Central Christian will be like. This is an excellent way to meet faculty and current students while getting a taste of the incredible classroom environment and various opportunities beyond our core classes.

To explore becoming a part of the Central Christian School family, please contact us to schedule an Educational Success Consultation.